Daily Fantasy Sports in Missouri

While Missouri continues to contemplate legalizing traditional sports betting, there is a form of legal sports betting in the Show-Me State already. Daily fantasy sports contests have been a legal option for people in Missouri since 2016. At present, a number of DFS sites are licensed and active in the state, including the biggest names in the industry, DraftKings and FanDuel.

If you’ve never used either site or experienced what it’s like to play DFS, this page is for you. We go over the top options available to you as well as the steps to get started and how to play all the different types of daily fantasy sports contests available to people in Missouri.

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Can I play DFS in Missouri legally?

Yes. Missouri is one of roughly two dozen states to have explicitly legalized DFS. Legalization at the state level requires daily fantasy sites to become licensed according to the appropriate regulatory agency in the state and provide the state with some amount of tax revenue. That is the case in Missouri, as explained in the Revised Statutes of Missouri:

“No fantasy sports contest operator shall offer any fantasy sports contest in Missouri without first being licensed by the commission.”

The good news about the legality of DFS in Missouri is this means the Missouri Gaming Commission enforces regulations and consumer protections. If you play at a legal DFS site, you have recourse if things go wrong or there is a dispute you cannot resolve.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about running afoul of law enforcement yourself when you play daily fantasy sports in Missouri. DFS is as legal as going to the supermarket. Your only real concern is the challenge of trying to win while competing against your fellow contestants.

Missouri daily fantasy sports sites

Missouri regulations stipulate that DFS providers must pay a $10,000 application fee for an initial license and 6% of their net revenues as tax each year. In addition, they must renew their license annually and pay a fee each time they do. The amount of the renewal fee depends on the DFS site’s revenue total from the previous year and can range from zero to $5,000.

Of course, all of those stipulations don’t matter much to DFS players in Missouri. However, what they mean is that the barriers against sites setting up shop in the state are fairly low and reasonable. Thus, it’s no surprise that daily fantasy sports apps are available in Missouri.

  • CDM Sports
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Fantasy Football Players Championship
  • OwnersBox
  • RealTime Fantasy Sports
  • Underdog Sports
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports

You may find other prominent DFS providers available in other states. However, we recommend that when in Missouri, you confine your play to one of these eight top Missouri DFS sites. Definitely give the two big names in the industry — DraftKings and FanDuel — a look. After all, there’s a reason they have dominated the market almost since its inception.

Getting started with DFS in Missouri

There is a vigorous debate about whether skill or luck matters more in daily fantasy sports. Either way, it is safe to say DFS involves both. Like poker or handicapping horse races, it is possible to turn a long-term profit in daily fantasy sports, and there are professional DFS players who make a living by playing these games each day.

These pros will be better than newcomers at DFS. They have the time, resources, and dedication to study and research contests before they play. However, that doesn’t mean amateurs can’t also enjoy daily fantasy sports and even have a genuine chance at winning.

When it comes to getting started, try not to get overwhelmed. No matter which site you choose, the procedure will be remarkably similar. Generally speaking, you’ll find there are four primary steps you’ll need to complete to get going:

  • Download and install
  • Register
  • Make a deposit
  • Join a contest

How to download and install a DFS app

The first thing to do is to get the DFS app installed on your mobile device. To start with, head to the DFS site of your choice and select the appropriate download button. Follow the steps from there and allow the app to install itself on your device.

And if you plan to play DFS on a desktop or laptop computer, then you don’t have to complete the download and install step. Simply use your web browser to visit the site of your choice and move on to the next step.

Registering for a DFS account

You will next need to register for an account at your chosen DFS site. Look for a large and prominent button in the upper portion of the app’s lobby. It should say “Register” or “Sign up,” although you might have to hit the button to log in before you see the prompt to make an account.

The button will whisk you to the registration page. You will need to provide your name, address, email, phone number, and Social Security number to create your account. Be ready to create a username and password, too.

This is also where you’ll enter any bonus codes, if necessary, to claim the site’s promotion for new customers. After entering all of your information, submit the data to create your account.

Making a deposit to your DFS account

You’ll be able to access the site’s cashier either through a similar button as the registration button or within your account itself. Once at the cashier, you will find various options with which to fund your account. Common ways to make a deposit include electronic checks, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Skrill and prepaid gift cards. Some sites also let you use Venmo.

Choose the deposit option that works best for you, and fund your account. When you’re finished, head back to the lobby.

Joining a DFS contest

You’re ready to go. Look for a contest that appeals to you so you can start playing. We’ll go over the standard options below.

How daily fantasy sports contests work

Daily fantasy sports are different from traditional sports betting. But what exactly is daily fantasy sports? In essence, DFS contests are similar to regular fantasy contests or leagues. The only thing that is different is their time frame, which is much more condensed than a season-long fantasy league. DFS contests often take just a single day, rather than weeks or months.

You will find a list of contests available in your chosen app’s lobby. Each contest will focus on a single game or a group of related games set to occur that day, such as the scheduled NBA or MLB games that day and so on. For the NFL, contests often include all of a given week’s games, although often you can find contests for just the Sunday games.

After you enter the contest by paying a designated flat fee, you will select (“draft”) players from the pool of teams to populate your own personal fantasy team. Your team earns points when your chosen players achieve certain statistics or accomplish certain goals.

Your team is ranked according to your accrued points on a constantly updating leaderboard. After all of the games in a contest are over and no more points are available, the top finishers in the contest receive money from the prize pool created by players’ entry fees (minus the cut for the DFS site).

Types of DFS contests

Not every daily fantasy sports game is the same. Some of them have stipulations that are important to know before you plunk down the entry fee. Common types of DFS contests include the following:

  • 50/50 — Half the players in the contest (those finishing in the top half of the leaderboard) receive a prize.
  • Beat the score — The app designates a set score for a contest and anyone whose team manages to accrue at least that many points receive a flat payout. All players receive the same prize.
  • Beginner — Contests that proceed as described above. They are open to players who have never won a DFS contest and have played less than a certain number of contests (less than 50, say).
  • Best ball — The closest DFS contest to a traditional fantasy league, where players draft their teams in real-time, and the contest lasts an entire season of play.
  • Casual — If you “graduate” from the beginner contests and have still not managed to win one yet, these options are open for you to try.
  • Designated number of players — Whereas most contests are open to anyone with the appropriate funds, these limit the number of players to a set figure. This type of contest might appeal to players who have found themselves chafing against the unlimited fields and/or found that their results are better in smaller contests.
  • Head-to-head — The ultimate in limited fields, where you compete against just one opponent in a winner-take-all contest. Be careful with these, as there are specialists who have honed their games to perform optimally in this format.
  • In-game showdowns — Contests for latecomers who want to draft from games after they are already underway. This type of game takes its points and statistics from the second half of play only.
  • Tournament — These contests often come with guaranteed prize pools that far exceed the buy-in amount and offer the chance at a big score. Of course, with big opportunities comes big competition, so expect these events to draw interest from many players of varying skill levels.

DFS contest formats

While you are deciding on the type of DFS contest you want to play, you should also consider the format that the game will use for its player selection. Although you might come across an unusual style from time to time, the majority of DFS contests use one of these formats to conduct their drafts:

  • Classic — The draft proceeds in a set random order between the contestants in the game. Each contestant has a “salary cap,” and each player that you can select has an assigned value. Every team owner must stay within the confines of the salary cap in order to create a valid team. The draft pool can involve several games and/or several days in a season.
  • Single-game or showdown — Contestants have limited salary caps and may only build their teams from the players in a single game.
  • Tiers — Players in the subject game(s) fit into a tiered system, and contestants don’t have a salary cap. Instead, they can only select a single player from each tier to create their team.
  • Snake — The contest uses a standard draft procedure in turns, but it flips the order in which contestants draft their players so as to balance out the rosters. In other words, the person selecting last in the first round picks first in the second round, and so on.


Is DFS legal in Missouri?

Yes. Daily fantasy sports contests have been legal in Missouri since the passage of the Missouri Fantasy Consumer Protection Act in 2016.

Is DFS gambling?

According to Missouri law, no. Fantasy sports are not gambling under the state legal system. However, in terms of pure definitions, it’s a matter for debate.

What is the gambling age for DFS in Missouri?

You must be 18 or older. The law specifically mentions that minors (anyone under the age of 18) cannot play on Missouri DFS sites.

Do I have to live in Missouri to play DFS there?

No. It is unnecessary to be a resident of Missouri in order to play daily fantasy sports in the state.

Can I play Missouri DFS games outside of the state?

Yes and no. While you cannot play on the Missouri versions of the DFS sites from out of state, you can access your account from any state that hosts the same sites. You’ll find DraftKings, FanDuel, and other similar sites available wherever DFS contests are available.

Can I play on DraftKings in Missouri? FanDuel?

Yes. Both DraftKings and FanDuel are legal to play in Missouri. If you want to know all the sites that are available in Missouri, consult this page.