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PlayMissouri is dedicated to providing up-to-date and accurate information about gambling in Missouri. If you are wondering who we are, what we do or how to speak to someone at PlayMissouri, this page is for you.

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What PlayMissouri does

Above all else, PlayMissouri is a news outlet. We cover the different aspects of gambling that take place in Missouri as well as anything that affects the outlook for gambling in the state. You will find information about the gambling locations available in Missouri, all the games that you can play, and legislative developments that might lead to more options for Missouri gamblers.

We are also an affiliate marketing site. Our partnerships with top casino companies allow us to provide you with various bonus offers. However, our partners have no control or influence over our content or information. We cover the facts of Missouri gambling, not any biased opinions, rumors, or gossip.

PlayMissouri operates as a Missouri representative of Catena Media, an international media conglomerate with affiliate sites across the globe. Catena is based in Malta and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Nordic exchange. Because Catena Media and its subsidiaries (like us) are listed, we are bound to comply with regulatory requirements wherever we do business. We also do not cover or publicize information about illegal gambling options.

Catena Media is a licensed gambling vendor in any jurisdiction where that is necessary. We have conferred with the Missouri Gaming Commission, which does not feel we need to register at this time. However, if the MGC changes its mind, we will seek to become a licensed entity in the Show-Me State.

The PlayMissouri mission statement

PlayMissouri’s primary mission is to inform Missouri citizens and those visiting the state about the various legal gambling options available to them. We hope that the information you find on this site helps to make your experience in the state the best it can be.

All of the news pages on PlayMissouri represent the latest current events related to gambling in Missouri. On most Catena sites, we have a plethora of casino and sportsbook bonus offers, but the limited legal options in Missouri preclude us from having a major list of those here. However, for the few choices that are available, we’ll have promo deals, too.

The PlayMissouri method

Our procedure for publishing material is both simple and important. After all, there’s a ton of information floating around the internet, and it can be difficult to know what is trustworthy.

The first step is to gather information. We need subjects for our stories and our pages. For those subjects, we get as close to the primary sources as we can. If we’re discussing existing law, we use the text of the law from the Missouri Revisor of Statutes, not a secondhand opinion of it. If we want to report about a new bill or proposal under consideration, we usually discuss it with the lawmaker(s) who authored the bill or are its chief sponsor(s). If it’s a story about regulation, we seek quotes and information from key officials at the Missouri Gaming Commission.

At no point do we publish gossip, hearsay, rumors or — for the most part — opinions. Although we might hear about various pieces of scuttlebutt floating around Missouri about gambling, such items will not appear on PlayMissouri until we can confirm them independently with the principal people involved. If you are searching for some sort of gossip rag with the latest buzz and supposition about gambling in Missouri, you are in the wrong place.

Once we’re done researching, we write the story or page. All of our publications are produced by full-time Catena Media employees or freelancers associated with Catena who have undergone vetting and training. We do not accept content from unsolicited guest writers or similar sources.

After the completion of a report, it then passes under the watchful eye of several people. Copy editors, content editors, and PlayMissouri’s managing editor review every word for clarity, accuracy, and grammatical correctness. We don’t publish a page unless it gets the green light from the people behind the scenes. Our staff has decades of gambling and journalistic experience, thereby helping to ensure that our content is of the highest quality.

Finally, the last step of the procedure belongs to our readers. Even with all the care that we take with our reporting, mistakes do happen from time to time. If you spot something that you believe to be in error on PlayMissouri, we want to know about it. Please include the link to the page, if possible, as we want to make certain that we see the issue you have detected.

The people at PlayMissouri

None of us here at PlayMissouri are guest writers or unproven commodities. As we mentioned, all of us either work full-time for Catena Media (PlayMissouri’s parent company) or are under contract as freelancers for Catena. Each of us has years of experience writing about gambling.

Managing Editor: Steve Schult

Steve Schult is the managing editor of PlayMissouri and several other Catena Media sites. The New York native spent a decade covering high-stakes poker tournaments for some of the game’s biggest outlets before joining Catena Media at the start of 2022. Since then, Schult has covered several regional gambling markets including Florida, California, Ohio and Kentucky.

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Contributor: Adam Hensley

Adam Hensley is a journalist from Des Moines, Iowa, with experience covering online sports betting and gambling across Catena Media. His byline has appeared in the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and sites within the USA Today Network. Hensley graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 and spent his college career working for the Daily Iowan’s sports department, both as an editor and reporter.

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Phil West

Contributor: Phil West

Phil West is a longtime journalist based in Austin, Texas, whose bylines have appeared in The Daily Dot, Nautilus, Pro Soccer USA, Howler, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Antonio Express-News, Austin American-Statesman, and Austin Chronicle. He has also written two books about soccer.

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TJ McBride Missouri Sports Betting Expert

Contributor: T.J. McBride

T.J. McBride is a Denver-based NBA and Denver Nuggets reporter who brings his in-depth experience to sports betting coverage at PlayMissouri. He is a Southern California native with nearly eight years of experience covering the NBA.

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Cheryl Coward

Contributor: Cheryl Coward

Cheryl Coward is a contributor for PlayMissouri with a background in sports journalism. She started her career as a news reporter in Washington, DC. She’s a die-hard women’s basketball fanatic and founded the website Hoopfeed.com as a result of that passion. She has extensive experience covering gambling and sports betting in California, including coverage of the Prop 26 vs. Prop 27 election battle.

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Dan Holmes

Contributor: Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes is a contributor for PlayMissouri with plenty of experience under his belt. Dan has written three books about sports and previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball. He also has extensive experience covering the launch of sports betting in other states, including Ohio, Massachusetts and Maryland. Currently, Dan is residing in Michigan with his family.

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Matthew Bain

Former News Content Manager: Matthew Bain

Matthew Bain is currently the Content Manager at Catena Media’s national online lottery site, PlayiLottery. He used to be the News Content Manager at Catena Media, overseeing news content for the network’s highest-priority regional sites. With sports gambling in Missouri on the docket in 2024, PlayMissouri was one of his top focuses. Prior to joining Catena Media in 2022, Matthew won 10 statewide and national journalism awards during six years as a reporter and editor for the USA TODAY Network.

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Be a part of the team

Although we do not use external content writers, we are happy to speak to you if you want to write for PlayMissouri and/or Catena Media. If you are an experienced journalist, and especially if you are located in Missouri, we would love to hear from you. If you live in or around the Show-Me State, have a passion for gambling and are interested in writing about it, we want to talk to you, too.

There are two ways to find a position at Catena Media. The first is to browse and apply to our list of open jobs on the Catena careers page. Look for jobs listed for North America, and try to find the option that works for you.

The other option is to email us directly here. If you cannot find a job you like or simply want more information, we will be happy to get back to you shortly.

Catena Media is a growing company with plenty of opportunities. Its salary package is competitive, and the company offers a variety of benefits to each employee. It’s a great place to work and offers excellent work-life balance. The people are pretty nice, too.

Get in touch

Reach out! PlayMissouri readers are a diverse group, and we want to hear ideas from as many of them as possible. If you have a story concept you want to share, please drop us a line. As we said, even rumors might have a kernel of truth or nugget of wisdom that is worthwhile. Also, as already noted, please do contact us if you notice anything amiss.

Fellow media members are also more than welcome to get in touch. If you are working on a story for your publication and need more information or a deeper dive, our media relations department is happy to help. Simply email [email protected] to get started.