Editorial Guidelines

PlayMissouri is your place for news, updates, and available bonus offers in Missouri. Our editorial process is designed to ensure we produce the most accurate and up-to-date reporting about gambling in Missouri.

In order to help you understand why the news and other information on the site is trustworthy, let us explain the editorial process we follow that helps us produce everything you see on our pages.

PlayMissouri does not report on or promote sites of dubious legality or which operate in gray areas in the law. We focus only on legal gambling in Missouri, only giving non-legal activities attention when part of gambling news in the state. Every site, game, or promotion you see here operates legally according to state laws and regulations.

For the most part, we back up our claims of legality with the actual text of the law that certifies the activity as proper. We are happy to copy from the Missouri Revisor of Statutes to illustrate our source. Similarly, we will cite from the Missouri Administrative Code if the subject in question is a rule, rather than a law. PlayMissouri will also search for relevant opinions from the attorney general if any aspect of a law’s application is unclear to us.

That said, we are not attorneys or trained legal professionals. If you are one of those authorities or a legal professional from Missouri and believe we have misinterpreted the meaning of a law or rule, please let us know. Even if you aren’t and have a question or concern, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Finally, PlayMissouri is not an opinion site, an editorial site, or a gossip tabloid. We are not interested in publishing material we have not corroborated independently and thoroughly. Although we have years of experience and plenty of our own opinions, we generally set those thoughts aside as we pursue objective reporting of Missouri gambling news. We are interested in the legal facts of the situation in Missouri and nothing else.

Our information sources

Our desired sources for the material are always the primary actors in a given situation. A story about a law’s passage or failed bid to pass will often have quotes or comments from the bill’s author. We want our attributions to be from regulators, casino personnel, and law enforcement on the ground in Missouri, not suppositions from dubious secondary sources. We also aim to track down the verbatim language from relevant texts, not cherry-picked paraphrases that can change the meaning or mislead the public.

While PlayMissouri doesn’t publish gossip, we do hear rumors about certain situations from time to time. If you happen to hear a rumor pertaining to Missouri gambling, feel free to pass it along to us and let us use our network to investigate its veracity.

We take our sourcing seriously because even though gambling can be enjoyable, it is also a very serious business. Although few things are more fun than placing or winning a bet, each bet you make bears several risks and things of import beyond your wager on the table. Without the proper care, Missourians could see their bank accounts drained, identification cards stolen, or other valuables lost, and we don’t want that to happen because of something you read on PlayMissouri.

The PlayMissouri publication standards

Every page on PlayMissouri is an original document. Each report is the product of full-time staff members or contracted freelance writers. There are no guest posts on the site.

With that said, we do use content from other media outlets every so often as a basis for an original post of our own. On those occasions, we verify the content’s veracity independently of the original poster. As we mentioned, we don’t simply accept a report or rumor as gospel. If we decide the information is good, we credit the source of the story and provide a link to the page where it is located.

We also do not publish the first drafts that we write. Multiple copy editors and site managers look at every document before we publish it and check to make sure that it is both factually accurate and grammatically correct. We also go over our stories to ease their readability, and we update our informational pages as often as necessary to keep them relevant and accurate.

Lastly, PlayMissouri’s managing editor reviews each page prior to publication. The managing editor and staff also periodically review informational pages to ensure they remain correct.

How PlayMissouri works

Although PlayMissouri is a legal and legitimate news outlet for gambling in Missouri, it is not a traditional media company. Most newspapers, television channels, and radio stations sell advertising space to various businesses in order to make money. As a result, you might see advertising for companies and industries that have nothing to do with the newspaper, the content on the page, or each other.

We don’t do that. PlayMissouri is an affiliate marketing site. Our business model means that we have partnerships with several top casino companies. We then publish bonus offers from our partners. You never have to buy anything or subscribe to any list to access all the content on PlayMissouri.

The good news is that our bonus offers are often exclusive deals that you’ll find only on PlayMissouri or other sites in our network. We are owned by Catena Media, a publicly traded company that operates legal gambling news and affiliate sites around the world. Catena is able to maintain excellent working relationships with nearly every legal gambling company you’re likely to encounter.

We are not casino-owned

We want to be clear, however, that our affiliate partners do not own, operate or influence us or our coverage in any capacity. At no time are the news items, pages, or opinions on this site subject to editorial oversight or permission from any of our affiliate partners. They do not have access to our content publishing functions, and we do not accept story ideas or recommendations from them.

The bottom line is that PlayMissouri is designed to benefit Missouri gamblers. Every word on this site is written to enhance your experiences with legal gambling options in the state.

Speak to us

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Of course, we’d hope that you are reaching out to tell us what a fabulous job we’re doing here. However, we understand that it is more likely you’ve been troubled by something you’ve read. If you feel that something on one of our pages is incorrect or confusing, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to serve you and your needs, and we welcome your feedback to help us refine what we’re doing.

Drop us a line, and let us know what’s on your mind. We’re so glad that you visited PlayMissouri!