Your Guide To Missouri Tigers Football Home Games

Written By T.J. McBride on August 8, 2023
Your Guide To Enjoying Missouri Football Games

The 2023 college football season is under a month away. Now, fans of University of Missouri football can begin planning to see their favorite team in person.

Regardless of which home game you go to, this game day guide is ready to help prepare fans for the upcoming Missouri Tigers football season at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium.

Step 1: Picking which Tigers home games to attend

Before diving into the details of attending a Tigers football game, the first choice to make is which home game to buy tickets for.

There are eight home games in 2023. Each game features a different opponent and a different color scheme for fans. Some even have promotions tied to them.

Here is the full 2023 Missouri Tigers home schedule:

  • South Dakota: August 31 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Middle Tennessee: September 9 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Kansas State: September 16 at 11:00 a.m.
  • Memphis: September 23 (at The Dome at America’s Center, time of kickoff TBD)
  • LSU: October 7 (time of kickoff TBD)
  • South Carolina: October 21 (time of kickoff TBD)
  • Tennessee: November 11 (time of kickoff TBD)
  • Florida: November 18 (time of kickoff TBD)

Missouri’s home opener is against South Dakota and fans are being asked to “tiger stripe Faurot” which means half of the stadium will wear gold while the other half wears black. Each section alternates between each color to create the tiger stripe effect.

Against Middle Tennessee, fans are supposed to wear white. It is also Missouri’s Family Weekend as well as the Mizzou Hall of Fame Weekend. Ag Day is being celebrated against Kansas State, and fans who are attending are being asked to wear gold.

When Missouri takes on Memphis in St. Louis at The Dome at America’s Center, fans are being asked to wear black and gold regardless of their section. Against LSU, there are no promotions, but fans are being asked to wear all black.

When Mizzou takes on South Carolina, fans are being asked to wear gold. Additionally, that game represents the 112th Mizzou Homecoming game. Fans are supposed to wear black against Tennessee and it is also Military Appreciation Day.

Lastly, fans are supposed to wear black against Florida. That matchup is Senior Day for Mizzou.

Step 2: Buying tickets to Tigers games

Now that you have chosen which games to go to, the next step is buying tickets. There are single-game ticket offerings as always, but there are season tickets available too.

Season ticket options

There are eight different season ticket options available to the public with another two being reserved for either young alumni or members of the Letter Winners Club. In this game guide, we will focus on the eight options anyone can purchase.

The most expensive is for midfield seats, which are $399 each in addition to a $500 minimum donation per seat. Midfield at Memorial Stadium is defined as any seats in the four sections that straddle midfield regardless of what level or side the seats are on with one exception.

The exception is the third deck on the east side, which are cheapest. Prices are as low as $140 per seat and do not require a minimum donation. The seats also sit between each 20-yard line providing a strong view of the game. While these are the cheapest and furthest options, the location of the seats is strong for the price.

For those looking for the best bang for their buck, there are other options. There are three sections – 103, 116 and 123 – that sit on the 20-yard line and are priced at $379 a ticket with a minimum seat donation of $65.

The rest of the season ticket options range between $399 per ticket with a minimum donation of $315 and $250 a seat with a $50 donation. Payment plans are also available.

If fans buy their season tickets in the Tiger Deck – starting at $210 a seat – they get access to all-inclusive concessions which includes complimentary hot dogs, soft drinks and popcorn.

Single game ticket options

Single-game ticket prices for Missouri football games sit between $30 and $80 depending on how good the seats are and who Mizzou is taking on.

The cheapest options come earlier in the season against schools like South Dakota and Middle Tennessee. Tickets to see Missouri take on South Dakota start as at $30 and climb to $50. For the matchup with Middle Tennessee, tickets are between $35 and $55.

The three most expensive games on the schedule are against Kansas State, LSU and South Carolina. Seats are no lower than $50 and go no higher than $80.

The best bang for buck option might be when Mizzou takes on Florida. Those tickets are as low as $40 a seat and get no more than $80.

There are also premium seat options as well as student seats, but both require some extra steps before arriving at pricing.

For premium seats, some publicly shared prices are as high as $2,880 with the lower end coming in at $1,156. For full premium seating prices, a serious inquiry with an agent is required. A University of Missouri login is needed for student prices.

Mini plan tickets

For those looking to split the difference between season tickets and single-game tickets, there are mini plans available.

These mini plans are $100 for tickets to three pre-determined games. This year, the mini plan includes games against South Dakota, LSU and Florida.

The mini plan might be the best value option for those who do not want to commit to season tickets. Single game tickets are no lower than $30 and that is to see some of the less exciting games on the schedule. For just $10 more, there are many benefits that come with the mini plans such as limited all-inclusive food and drink options.

Step 3: Getting to Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium

With many options to arrive at a Tigers game, deciding which is best can be tough. This guide has outlined each option to better prepare fans for their visits to Memorial Stadium.


Many of the parking lots closest to the stadium are reserved for Tiger Scholarship Fund members who donate money to the Mizzou Athletic program. There are quite a few other options for fans who want to drive themselves to the game.

While the other parking options are not directly connected to Faurot Field, none of them are more than a mile away from the stadium.

General parking is $35. There are five free parking garages as well. Parking spaces for RV and/or buses are available at Truman’s Landing for $200 if tailgating is a priority.

There are shuttles from parking, but only to the south and west of the stadium. If anyone parks in the free parking garages to the north, expect to walk.


Tailgating is not only allowed but encouraged. Still, there are guidelines that must be followed.

  • Alcohol is allowed if drinkers remain compliant with local and state laws, but kegs are prohibited.
  • Animals are allowed when tailgating, but must remain leashed.
  • No drones are allowed unless previously authorized.
  • Any person who damages to university property will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
  • Grills are allowed, but hot coals must be doused and disposed in hot coal bins and no fire pit devices are allowed.
  • Tents and canopies must not exceed 10 feet by 10 feet.

RV and buses are allowed, but must not exceed five standard parking spots and any support vehicle must be parked parallel to the RV. Any other amenities must be within the space.

Staging of RVs or busses is not allowed until 2:00 p.m. on Friday, but in some circumstances when the lots are needed for campus parking, the lots will not open until 6:00 p.m.

Rideshare options

There are two taxi stands where rideshare app and taxi drivers will drop off and pick up their customers.

The first is north of Faurot Field on the north end of Champions Drive across the street from the entrance of Lot G. This option is the nearest to the stadium despite both being close. The second is on Tiger Avenue next to the Tiger Avenue Garage which is about two blocks southwest of the stadium.

A word of caution to anyone using rideshare apps when leaving the game: Prices tend to surge when fans attempt to call rides at the same time after the game. The wait time and price could be significantly higher leaving the stadium as opposed to arriving.

Public transportation

The best way to get to a Tigers football game using public transportation is the Columbia Transit Shuttle Bus. It drops off fans about one block from the stadium on Tiger Avenue and Hospital Drive.

It costs $1.50 each way and exact change is required. The pick-up locations for the Columbia Transit Shuttles are scatted throughout east, west and south Columbia. These pickup points are at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers around downtown.

Step 4: How to enjoy a Missouri football game to the fullest

If you’re looking to bet on the Tigers (or their opponents), bad news: Missouri sports betting is illegal. Several bills were considered during the state’s legislative session, but once again failed to pass.

Understanding rules and traditions of Missouri football games is paramount to enjoying the experience. The first tradition is the Tiger Walk. Two hours before kickoff, the team walks from the Mizzou Athletics Training Complex to the stadium. Along the path are fans, cheerleaders and members of the band cheering as the team makes their way to the locker room.

Once players have warmed up, the Marching Mizzou comes onto the field 25 minutes before kickoff for pregame festivities. They sing the fight song and conclude with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Before the game, there is a firetruck parked in the corner of the stadium. That is Truman’s Taxi which carries Truman the Tiger around the track as he pumps up the crowd. It is a vintage Boone County firetruck.

After the Tigers run through a banner that reads, “Rip ‘em up, Tigers,” the kickoff to start the game is next.

While each team prepares for the kickoff, fans around the stadium will have their hands in the air. As soon as the ball is kicked, everyone drops their arms and yells, “Go Tigers,” in unison.

During the game, fans sing along and cheer with the band as they play fight songs. The most recognizable cheer is the M-I-Z-Z-O-U cheer that is split between the fans and students. The students start the cheer by shouting M-I-Z while the fans cheer back Z-O-U.

Between the third and fourth quarters, the Missouri Waltz – the official state song – is sang while fans go crazy.

Once the game ends, the final tradition takes place when alma mater sing, “Old Missouri,” before filing out of the stadium.

Now for the stadium rules:

  • Banners and flags are allowed if they are not on a pole and do not exceed two feet by three feet.
  • Small personal cameras are allowed, but bags, equipment and video cameras are not. Any use of the pictures taken can only be used for personal use.
  • Clear bags no bigger than 12 x 6 x 12 are allowed as are small clutch bags no bigger than the size of a hand. One gallon Ziploc bags are ideal alternatives.
  • Noisemakers are not allowed.
  • Cans and glass bottles are prohibited.
  • Outside food and drink is prohibited, but one sealed water bottle is allowed.
  • Strollers, umbrellas and portable seats over 16 x 18 x 9 are prohibited.
  • Faurot Field is tobacco free.
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