Lottery Hunches? Some Folks Claim That’s How They Won Big Bucks

Written By Marian Rosin on June 4, 2022
Missouri Lottery sees winners using their instincts

We’ve all heard of animal instincts… but lottery instincts? They likely don’t exist. But for fun, here’s a true story of a Missouri woman who recently bought a lottery ticket when her instincts supposedly told her to and won big.

And she’s not the only one who says listening to lottery hunches paid off. Remember though, the stories of people who listened to their guts and lost anyway probably don’t get told or published.

To quote, “Play as if it (ESP) doesn’t exist and don’t throw your money away on a whim.”

Extra cents-ory perception?

An unidentified Missouri woman won $55,558 on May 17 with a Bingo Twist Scratchers game ticket purchased at Casey’s General Store in Springfield. She recounted to lottery officials how she was driving home and “something just told me to turn into Casey’s.”

At first, she thought she’d won just $100. Her wife, skeptical at first, too, grabbed the woman’s phone and scanned the ticket on the lottery app, according to the winner.“And she just started shaking and we hugged each other.”

Spontaneity pays off, literally

A day of house hunting ended with a $2 million scratchoff prize for another Missouri gal, according to Missouri Lottery officials.

After checking out houses, she made an “impromptu stop” at a convenience store before heading home. That stop certainly turned out to be very convenient… and lucky.

She won the top prize on a $20 Mega Cash Blast scratch-off ticket. Maybe not unsurprisingly, the newly flush winner said that “This is just going to be more money for the down payment.”

The lucky impromptu stop happened at Zingers Mart on 5204 Lemay Ferry Road in south St. Louis.

Hooked a million dollars on a feeling

Cancel culture” turned out to be really good fortune for Missouri resident Angela Caravella from Kansas City.

She won $1 million from the Florida Lottery when her flight from the state got cancelled a year ago. She subsequently visited a Publix and bought a few lottery tickets, including the winning one.

“I had a feeling something bizarre was going to happen after my flight was cancelled unexpectedly,” she told the Florida Lottery. “I bought a few Scratch-Off tickets to pass the time and just like that I won $1 million!”

Cavaravella opted for the $790,000 one-time, lump sum payment.

She snoozed, she won

In 2018, a grandmother in Baltimore, Maryland dreamed of a voice telling her that she would soon receive a blessing. Then her lottery instincts led her to winning $20,000 on a $2 Big Money Spectacular ticket from the state lottery. “I had been wondering if anyone really ever wins, and then it happened to me,” Jamise Davis said.

She planned to go to the South Pacific (the place, not the musical, although you pretty much need to win the lottery to afford Broadway tickets these days). She also wanted take her grandchildren to Florida.

Collect call

“For some reason, the ticket was just calling to me,” said a North Carolinian who recently won $100,000 in the state lottery.

Nostalgia evidently played a part in the win. Nawaz Haque bought the $30 Millionaire Maker ticket at a store he used to frequent when he was in high school.

He literally jumped for joy at his luck. “It was just pure adrenaline at that point,” he said.

More wacky Missouri lottery wins

These may not be clairvoyant, but they’re clearly offbeat…

Lottery Ground Hog Day

In 2017, another Missouri woman got lottery lucky twice in the same day. It all happened on Nov. 29 that year.

First, Veronica Buchanan won $1,000 on a $10 Monopoly Scratch-Off ticket she bought at a gas station.

The second $10 scratch-off ticket she purchased later that same day proved 10 times luckier. Yep, this time she scored $10,000. (Wonder if she bought a third.)

When the cookie crumbling is a great thing

According to, the number of winners from a Powerball draw usually ranges from none to four. But in 2003, 110 tickets matched the same numbers for substantial payouts. Officials suspected fraud was involved.

But it turned out a Chinese fortune cookie fortune had those numbers, and the cookies with that fortune had been distributed around the country. The winners had played those numbers.

And when the numbers were crunched, 89 ticket holders scored $100,000 and 21 won $500,000.

You’re more likely to experience JAWS in real life

Lottery Instincts aside, odds of winning the big Powerball jackpot have been estimated at 1 in 292,000,000. The odds of winning the big jackpot in Mega Millions have been put at 1 in 302,575,350.

You have a better chance of these, from

  • Being struck by lightning — 1 in 114,195
  • Becoming a movie star — 1 in 1,190,000
  • Getting attacked by a shark — 1 in 3,738,067
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