Missouri Casinos Pave The Way Via Cashless Slot Machines

Written By Aleeyah Jadavji on February 17, 2023
Some Missouri casinos now offering cashless slot machines

The Missouri Gaming Commission recently approved a revolutionary cashless gaming system that allows players to play slots with no cash ever entering the machines.

Players can now use an app on their phone to buy credits and access slot machines at seven Missouri casinos.

Cashless slot machines launch at Maryland casinos

Missouri may be behind on legal sports betting. But when it comes to Missouri casinos, the state is paving the way in the form of new cashless technology.

So far, cashless slot machines are operational in three states.

This cashless system from Acres Manufacturing Company is currently used on 31,000 slot machines in 21 US casinos. Missouri’s 13 riverboat casinos along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers now make up more than half of that list.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board and the Mississippi Gaming Commission also approved Acres’ cashless system on Jan. 26.

The best part about these new cashless machines?

Players don’t have to tote around their rewards card from machine to machine.

By accessing a casino’s app on their phone, users can now deposit money into their account and connect their rewards card.

Then, users can purchase credits on a valid machine and cash out whenever they’d like — all by using a phone.

Cashless slots could revolutionize casino gaming

The benefits of such a platform are numerous.

This system allows casino operators to eliminate physical cards, along with the counters and kiosks where they’re printed. It’s better for the environment, saves the casino money on materials and frees up employees for further customer service.

On the player side, it removes frustrations over losing cash or cards in casinos.

Acres believes that customers and operators alike will embrace going cashless. The company also thinks it will be how players play slots in the future. Cashless has become a way of life. People use virtual wallets and the ‘tap’ feature on credit and debit cards to quickly pay for items online and in stores. 

From a health perspective — especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic — less cash means fewer germs being transferred between people.

And let’s face it, casinos also benefit from this newfound expediency. Customers can load money into slot machines with the click of a button, which means no time at ATMs or cash cages, and more time gambling.

Missouri casinos using the cashless technology

Acres has been rolling out this advanced technology for some time now, but regulators in each state must approve it.

Seven casinos in Missouri have adopted the cashless technology so far.

Technology supporters say the eventual goal is to have cashless options at every casino across the world. That journey begins in Missouri, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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