$10 Missouri Lottery Ticket Is A $1 Million Winner

Written By Sam Hollingsworth on June 28, 2023
A Missouri woman has won $1M from a $10 scratch ticket.

An unnamed Missouri woman believed she won $1,000 on a lottery ticket she purchased at a Kroger supermarket … until she saw “all those zeros” and realized it was actually a $1 million winner.

The winner – who told Missouri Lottery officials on June 23 she plans on buying a home with her jackpot prize – bought the $1 Million Money Multiplier scratch ticket in Troy, about 55 miles northwest of St. Louis.

When choosing which scratch-off ticket she actually wanted to purchase, she said she “was choosing between three of the $10 tickets and that one caught my eye.”

How the $1 Million Money Multiplier game works

All Missouri Lottery tickets must be purchased at retail outlets across the state. As of now, Missouri lottery tickets cannot be bought online.

The $1 Million Money Multiplier lottery game is a scratch-off ticket that costs $10 and offers a variety of cash prizes, ranging from $10 to $1 million.

Players scratch off the winning numbers at the top of the ticket then scratch off their 20 numbers below that. When one of their numbers matches a winning number, they win the prize under that number. The prize is multiplied five times if a 5X is shown. Multipliers range from 5X to 100X.

There are over $30 million in prizes in the prize pool solely from this game each fiscal year, which includes two $1 million jackpots, one of which is now gone.

There is about a 1-in-3.25 chance to win on this scratch-off, including 600,000 $10 prizes.

Education programs are Missouri Lottery benefactors

Missouri is a state that is no stranger to lottery winners.

There was a $1 million Missouri Lottery winner earlier this year when someone hit the Powerball on Jan. 2. That marked the 635th time a Missouri Lottery ticket was worth at least $1 million. That was also the state’s 68th Powerball winner.

Just a few days earlier, someone won $50,000 on Dec. 31 in Missouri.

Additionally, throughout Fiscal Year 2022, lottery players in Lincoln County – where the unnamed $1 million winner bought her $1 Million Money Multiplier ticket – won nearly $10 million in Missouri Lottery prizes, while retailers earned more than $900,000 in commissions and bonuses.

Lincoln County also collected $1.2 million toward education programs in the country via Missouri Lottery proceeds.

Around $16 million remains to be won from $1M Money Multiplier game

The $1 Million Money Multiplier lottery game launched on Dec. 27, 2022. There is an estimated $16 million in prizes remaining.

That includes the sole remaining $1 million winner, five $50,000 winners, 741 $1,000 winners, 597,124 $10 winners, and much more.

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